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Inter-Con was founded in 1973 by retired Los Angeles Police Department Detective and Army Veteran Hank Hernandez. Prior to founding Inter- Con, Mr. Hernandez worked on loan to the Department of Justice to train security forces throughout Latin America. He brought the practices he learned to Inter- Con, investing his life savings into his vision of a security company that would distinguish itself by providing security services to clients whose threat profiles exceeded the capabilities of traditional “guarding” companies. The idea landed with Inter-Con’s first client, NASA, who needed to implement a multifaceted security program within a classified environment. This critical starting point, and the innovative solutions which followed, have been determining factors in Inter-Con’s ongoing growth and success.

In 1986, Inter-Con was selected by the United States Department of State to design and provide the first-ever privatized local guard force as a pilot program in Mexico. It was a major breakthrough for the company because the event led to the popularization of utilizing private security services for the protection of U.S. Embassies globally. Inter-Con currently secures the Department of State throughout the U.S and across three continents. “Diplomatic security is in our DNA. The extremely high-performance standards we hold ourselves accountable in servicing the State Department are applied to all of our contracts globally. We understand that our men and women in uniform are ambassadors to all of our clients,” says Matthew Reeser, Inter-Con’s Vice President of Solutions Design.

Today, Inter-Con remains a 100 percent family-owned business and certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), now with 47 years of distinguished service history. Within those years, Inter-Con has designed, organized, and executed numerous complex security programs for clients, such as the U.S. Departments of State, Homeland Security, and Defense. Inter-Con is now one of the largest security companies in the world, employing over 30,000 security professionals across twenty countries and four continents.

A key reason for why Inter- Con’s security services are best-in-class is the fact that all of their models are developed by a seasoned executive management team and dedicated program management personnel. “We continuously invest in honing the skills of our people, which in turn equips and encourages them to deliver scalable security solutions for our clients,” says Matthew. And, to ensure that the security professional’s skill-set doesn’t deteriorate, Inter-Con has established a Training Academy to provide industry-leading pre-assignment, sustainment, and density training. Embracing their roots in diplomatic security, Inter-Con’s Training Academy serves as a critical evangelist of its Dual Mandate of providing superlative security and customer service experiences.

Inter-Con has designed, organized, and executed numerous complex security programs for clients such as the U.S. Departments of State, Homeland Security, and Department of Defense

“We make our clients and the communities in which we serve feel prized and protected, not policed,” says Matthew.

Another aspect that has remained immutable all these years is Inter-Con’s systematic approach to delivering security services that are aligned with a client’s culture and goals. When Inter-Con enters into a contract with a client, the first 30 to 90 days are comprised of perpetual assessments of the client’s existing security program as well as the security threat environments in which it operates. Based on their evaluations, the company formulates a plan to enhance the security program. Thereafter, Inter-Con continually reviews its security measures, and analyzes relevant data to identify areas of improvement, thus creating a seamless security program be fitting the client. Moreover, a dedicated account management team is designated for each client in order to deliver unmatched support. If a client wants to add or adjust their services in any way, the team is easily reachable and responds immediately to requests.

Indeed, such extraordinary client success stories and Inter-Con’s enviable 97 percent client retention rate wouldn’t be possible without leveraging the most advanced tools and technologies in the market. Inter-Con, a long-time pioneer in the industry, continues to make significant investments in developing proprietary technology solutions to enhance the performance of their security programs. Things like artificial intelligence and data analytics are utilized to drive meaningful efficiencies into its security services. Not only do these efficiencies result in significant cost savings for their clients, they also enhance overall service quality.“At the end of the day, we are committed to delivering successful outcomes for our clients, regardless of the complexity or scope of their security needs. Technology will continue to play a critical role in ensuring we achieve our goals,” says Matthew.


Pasadena, CA

Matthew Reeser, VP of Solution Design

A multinational private security company that offers security concierge services, special event, residential, and construction security. Along with that the company also provides explosive ordnance detection teams, high value asset transportation, robot monitoring and guarding, intelligence and investigation services, security consulting and training as a service. Inter-Con’s offerings include explosive ordnance detection teams, remarkable high-value asset transportation, semi-autonomous/autonomous robot monitoring and guarding, premium physical security, extensive program management, security consulting, training as a service, and more. As a certified Hispanic Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Inter-Con outshines other MBEs with its 97 percent client retention rate by developing strong relationships over the years