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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected via internet-protocol (IP) enabled devices, incidents of network attacks and cybersecurity breaches are a daily occurrence. Emerging technologies in artificial intelligence, software and computing bring evolutionary innovation and convenience–however, these capabilities cut both ways. Terror attacks and cybercrimes continually demonstrate that foreign agents, dangerous actors and even homegrown hackers possess the sophistication, desire and ability to penetrate and exploit a nation’s best fortified systems. Protecting critical infrastructure “points” is a prime focus and to achieve security goals organizations must continually invest, upgrade and test existing security infrastructures with innovative, emerging technologies and products.

Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG Global), a veteran owned small business (VOSB) is dedicated to this mission, providing solutions for some of the world’s most Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and Government sites. In 2018 and 2019 PSG developed and will release three new, innovative and unique product technologies all developed with an eye for next generation secure mission-specific applications: (1) a hardened Linux OS Video Management System, (2) Scene Authentication – an industry first and PSG patented, end to end video scene verification product, and (3) Talon–an advanced, FIPS encryption compliant approach to delivery of high definition real-time video and control data over an IP network. PSG’s been awarded numerous large federal and industrial contracts, is GSA certified, approved and a recognized leader in integrated electronic and cyber security programs.

Linux and Windows Servers, providing the best of both worlds.

PSG’s next generation and leading edge video management (Video Image Control and Display system - VICADS) solution builds on the best of both worlds, providing Linux OS Servers using Windows clients. Providing advanced standards for encrypted video management (VICADS complies with DoD’s requirements regarding a critical infrastructure protection framework) PSG offers two OS’s platforms based on customer requirements; (1) a Windows Server OS with Windows Clients, and (2) advanced Linux server OS with Windows Clients. Using a combined approach offers the best in breed of ultra-hardened secure servers and big-data capabilities of the Linux world with Windows Client graphical user interfaces (GUI’s) familiar to operators. Partnered with Hewlett Packard products, these performance matched Linux OS servers greatly enhance mega data storage and information management, speed, redundancy, encryption, in a reduced foot-print. This greatly reduces space, power, overhead and security risk than a traditional end to end Windows only solution. PSG’s robust VICADS is the backbone for securing some of the world’s most controlled and sensitive assets. VICADS holds Government certifications providing video-over-IP solutions for monitoring and recording via existing and next generation network equipment and infrastructure. The video surveillance and camera control are mapped to specific, authorized workstations connected to the network. The digitally recorded video is stored in a central repository for archival. At the backbone of PSG’s next generation suite of security solutions, is their cyber aware foundational philosophy. “Cyber Security is an ever-evolving threat landscape, versatility is the key to solution delivery. A holistic and agile approach in PSG products allows organizations to effectively maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of mission critical information.” says Daniel Griego, PSG’s Manager of Cyber & Network Services. Supporting the five foundational pillars of Information Security (1) Confidentiality, (2) Integrity, (3) Availability, (4) Non-Repudiation, and (5) Authentication is critical. PSG’s Cyber platform features a customizable virtual server with a robust Informational Assurance (IA) architecture tested and certified by government experts.

VICADS is deployed at hundreds of CIP type facilities and DoD base-wide integrations across the globe, PSG’s security solutions range from large enterprise-wide installations to stand-alone implementations.

Our approach provides Governmental and CIP security and management professionals early warning of intrusion and access control violations

They comprise intrusion detection systems, access control, video surveillance management with cyber security compliance information assurance and auditing. All components are tightly integrated with a host of third-party products ranging from basic sensors to advanced and highly sophisticated products such as radar systems with automated targeting and tracking of intruders-personnel-vehicles.

Scene Authentication (the invisible fingerprint)

This ground-breaking technology functions as an “invisible fingerprint” or silent bank alarm for video—it remains ever present, ever vigilant—even after video storage which can be used to support an evidentiary chain. The proliferation of IP-based video technology exposes new attack entry points not adequately addressed by current equipment. “The authenticity of the video data chain transmitted over networked systems is crucial to the entire security solution” says Jeremy Freeze-Skret, Vice President of Engineering for PSG Global.

PSG developed and patented “Scene Authentication” as a method for providing real time video verification ensuring a scene displayed is live, authentic and not manipulated by outside parties. Scene Authentication is built with advanced encryption and proprietary analytics to protect the video scene from its inception to delivery points including viewing and storage. Scene Authentication integrates in real-time with video over an IP network and works by utilizing an active optical transmitter in the field of view that is subsequently monitored by a paired receiver. The transmitter’s encrypted coded signal carries critical verification information including time, spatial positioning, global positioning plus unique identification information.

“PSG’s Scene Authentication eliminates this risk and is a value-add, even force multiplier solution” states Kevin Bray, Director of Sales. An agency or customer example/case study is situations that require hundreds or even thousands of daily inspections especially in difficult to access, secure areas or remote field locations. PSG’s Scene Authentication can automate manual personnel tours and inspections, acting as a digitally secure force multiplier by providing auditing via video ensuring displayed scenes are authentic. “Scene Authentication can be paired with virtually any camera manufacturer, sold as a standalone, as OEM product via distribution channels or in conjunction with PSG’s TALON,” says Freeze-Skret.

Advanced Enterprise IP Network Security Panel

PSG developed TALON, an ultra-high security IP Network Security Panel that provides a FIPS encryption compliant approach to delivery of high definition real-time video and control data over an IP network. Industry concerns over network security issues have elevated the need for federally mandated regulations and security compliance. Talon meets this need and delivers high-quality, securely integrated sensor, alarm and video data to command and control display platforms. A market first - TALON provides an unrivaled level of security and prevents spoofing or snooping of the communications links. Compliant to stringent Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2, level 2 encryption, and data validation standards, TALON assures end users their sensitive and critical information is reliably transported and securely delivered.
Further, TALON delivers features such as secure boot, secure real-time clock and a tamper-proof enclosure capable of zeroing memory containing critical security parameters. Able to function as a high definition HD-SDI, or a standard definition NTSC/PAL video encoder which is ONVIF Profile S conformant, meeting industry standards for product and safety as well as interoperability requirements with other ONVIF-certified products, making it easier for end users, OEM’s, integrators, consultants and manufacturers to take advantage of next generation robust security features. The Talon panel is easily integrated as a core communication component for virtually any high-end application and data network.

Markets Served

PSG’s solutions focus on Homeland and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) markets: Fed-Gov, DoD, Borders, Command and Control, Energy, Nuclear, and Air/Seaports. Cyber and terrorist attacks are an ongoing concern and securing these assets is a concern for all. Keeping dangerous actors at bay and materials being under control is a critical mission for governments. PSG’s innovative and unique solutions are designed for these applications as well as harsh and remote locations lacking infrastructure which may require camera options ranging from basic to sophisticated thermal, infrared, long-range and wireless and solar solutions. The heightened concern associated with large-scale terrorism has created a collaborative need for DoD to work with federal, state, and local agencies in their homeland security activities. PSG is a trusted DoD partner and helps in designing, deploying, integrating and maintaining electronic security solutions. The company embraces unique customer requirements and can fully interface with complex third-party PSIM, Government proprietary solutions and Industry Command Control and Display Equipment (CCDE) alarm, video and access control annunciator platforms. “Our approach provides Governmental and CIP security and management professionals early warning of intrusion and access control violations,” states Mark Thomas, Director of Systems Engineering for PSG Global.

"PSG’s been awarded numerous large federal and industrial contracts, is GSA certified, approved and a recognized leader in integrated electronic and cyber security programs"

When it comes to implementation of security solutions PSG provides reliable, repeatable results with a proven reduction in field errors while reducing on-site installation and maintenance hours. Ranging from small to large form factors and using Underwriters Laboratories certified components, the PSG product suite is designed for reliability, standardization, ease of installation, service-support, and maintainability. PSG technical staff work on federal government projects, possesses IAT-Level II network or greater certifications and work extensively with global certified third-party and strategic partners to provide a wide range of security system solutions. “We’re a trusted partner for some of the world’s largest product manufacturers and service organizations such as Hewlett Packard, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, government contractors and others”, explains Rich Anderson, Director of Field Services and Business Development for PSG Global.

“Our executive and managerial team provides seasoned leadership, built on hundreds of years of experience in integrated electronic networked security solutions, supporting 24/7 mission-critical applications. PSG’s founders and management team has been involved in over 1,400 projects with over 200 years of combined technical and highly successful efforts to include multiple nuclear programs for various governmental agencies,” PSG CEO, Rick Gross points out. PSG’s an innovative and forward-looking organization. We provide unique, advanced products and solutions available via the General Services Administration (GSA) schedules. From secure information assurance (IA) compliant networks to fully integrated security solutions, PSG’s team is customer focused and able to provide superior technological solutions.

Prometheus Security Group Global

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Rick Gross, CEO and Jeremy Freeze-Skret, Vice-President

Provides integrated networked security solutions that allow CIP and Government organizations to secure some of the world’s most critical assets

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